Shared electric scooters play an essential role in growing cities and countries at large. City dwellers who choose this personal transport model play a role in developing their cities in many ways, as you will learn in a few paragraphs.

But first, where can you find a shared electric scooter in Riyadh, did you ask?

Where to find Shared Scooters in Riyadh 

Shared electric scooters are easy to find in Riyadh, especially because personal mobility companies in the city have developed an easy-to-use shared electric scooters app. After downloading the application, you can access a shared scooter with a tap on your smartphone.

How Shared Scooters Are Helping the Growth of Riyadh 

Riyadh city dwellers are slowly adopting shared electric scooters as their preferred mode of personal mobility. Shared electric scooters have the following unique characteristics that cities will benefit by their use:

1.   Shared Electric Scooters Are Environmentally Friendly 

The use of fossil fuelsto power vehicles has caused irreversible harm to the environment the world over. In addition to polluting the air people breathe, mining fossil fuels are detrimental to the land where people mine them, causing people to be displaced from their homes, and has many health side effects for miners and humanity in general.

On the other hand, shared electric scooters are environmentally friendly since electricity powers them instead of the harmful fossil fuels. Many benefits come with utilizing electricity in place of fossil fuels like oils to power vehicles:

  • Electricity is a Renewable Energy While Fossil Fuels Are Not: One of the issues addressed in Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 is to limit the dependence on oil as the country’s mainstay. Why might you ask? The government fears that its fossil deposits may get depleted. Once you extract fossil fuels from the ground, it will take millions of years for nature to replenish them. Now, imagine how many more years humanity will have to wait before nature replenishes the millions of gallons the world used each day to power cars.

On the other hand, electricity is easy to renew, as it only uses natural resources like wind, solar, or water to generate.

  • Electricity Has Minimal Negative Effects on Land While Fossil Fuel Cause Land Degradation: One of the effects of mining fossil fuels is that it leaves behind gaping holes in its wake. These holes make the land useless to farming, become breeding grounds for harmful insects, and cause accidents.

On the other hand, electricity production has seen people build dams that preserve rainwater, tap wind energy to power the turbines that produce electricity, among other measures helpful to the land.

Shared electric scooters, therefore, not only provide a perfect mobility solution but are also environmentally sustainable.

2. Shared Electric Scooters Are Convenient

Imagine living in a city where you are sure that you will access a personal transportation medium whenever you need to go somewhere. It gets even better when you don’t have to worry about parking spaces, servicing the vehicle, or even investing a lot of money to buy the vehicle. Cool, right?

Shared electric scooters are there whenever you need them. Companies like Weehave created mobile applications that help shared electric scooters to access a scooter at the tap on their smart devices. City dwellers can finally save time to work towards a better city.

3. Shared Electric Scooters Are Affordable  

Shared electric scooters are relatively cheaper compared to other models of personal mobility. In addition to cheaper rates for users, scooters are affordable to a city in the following two ways:

  • Electric Scooters Require Lesser Energy to Power: Electric scooters are in Light Electric Vehicles LEVs. The light electric vehicles require a single charging of about five hours, and they are ready to run the day. The low energy consumption is a reprieve from the traditional vehicles that burn a lot of fuel, which is sometimes unavailable.

Cities can utilize the money saved from powering personal transport to develop other economic sectors, supporting its growth.

  • Electric Scooters Require Minimal Servicing: A traditional car requires servicing after using them over a stipulated number of miles. These trips to the garage cost a lot of money to the economy of a city. Also, regular opening up of the car parts may cause other unprecedented challenges.

On the other hand, electric scooters require lesser servicing, which is cheaper for a developing city and time-saving. Finally, city dwellers can spend time working instead of wasting days on end in garages servicing their vehicles.

4. Shared electric scooters Are Less Noisy

Many companies avoid setting up their offices in city centers to avoid the noise nuisance caused by revving car engines. Such companies will not benefit from the skills of workers who live in the cities.

Additionally, when businesses establish their offices outside the cities, the cities lose revenue in licensing and the ripple effects of a business.

Shared electric scooters emit minimal noise, which gives city dwellers the peace to work and achieve the city’s dreams.

5. Shared Scooters are the Solution to Urban Density Problems 

Major cities in the world grapple with high vehicle traffic. This urban density challenge emanates from the city dwellers who want to own personal vehicles. And you cannot blame them for wanting a reliable medium of personal mobility. Traffic jams waste very critical working hours for city workers whose wish is to get to their workplaces and grow their cities.

Shared electric scooters will solve the vehicle traffic menace since people will require to use their vehicles less often since they can use shared electric scooters to run errands within the city instead of their cars.

Be Part of Your City’s Growth

Personal mobility is an essential part of growing a city. If you love your city, it will help if you choose personal mobility solutions that are safe for the environment, save you time working towards a developed city, and is affordable for you and the entire city. By choosing to use shared electric scooters, you join hands with like-minded city dwellers to grow your city.

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